”Love me, love me not”

‘’You love me, you love me not’’

an occupation for summer fields

& daisy chains:

when muscles are at ease


here in this land of cold’s

sharp hand I stare out over

sleet filled roofs, walk beside

the icy sea.


‘’You love me, you love me not’’

the petals fall on stony ground

& do I care to persevere

with fog fuelled nights?


Your promise waits at

the small white gate

that opens to the beach.


Here seagulls wail

the storm moves in its comrade’s:

with lightning thrusts & icy squall

at 4pm the darkness moves


to fling a cloak

on twilight’s pearl.


‘’You love me, you love me not’’

flutters down the street

where goblin’s snatch its wispy tail

& send it spinning out to sea


to drown in depths

of Neptune’s breath.


There nothing lives

& no one breathes

or waits to take my hand.


‘’You love me, you love me not’’

has simply disappeared.



Autumn heart

Autumn came with ghostly calls

sun has shrunk on low tide shore

butterflies have flown for good

leaving us anchored here .


I met you on a winter’s day

by chance came knocking on your door,

your troubles made you stay away

but autumn’s wind has tied our knot


written us a  new love score.


I’m left, you’re right

I’m green you’re blue

we couldn’t be more different

but something’s tied between us two


& the autumn wind

with its winnowing breath

is loath to let us go.



You are too good

to be true :


you caught our rainbow

tied it to my ankle


demanded that I live again.


You are blue eyed

sunshine lights


body covered in a mist

of golden down.


I could have done with this

a lifetime ago


when the ebb & flow

of other’s icebergs


trapped me in tundra

icicle’d mid –winter.


You & I a golden brand

of possibility


of how love can be


in the right place

at the best time.

Amoebic sea





Rain leaves slicks like oil on slate roof

condensation blows clouds over my window pane

last night I watched the night hang a quarter moon

as earth turns questionably in empty space.


It’s empty: the truth came hurriedly to me

lying in an open field with high sky

cerulean blue, so blue I could glimpse

the curve of earth rotating wordlessly.


Later I drove towards thunder banked

arrived from ocean in a coral sea

soon the raindrops hit the road

bursting their skin like ripened cheese.


Then I knew once more the truth of this

that we’re random molecules exquisitely formed

dispensed like rain from amoebic sea

no sense at all that I can see


in the beauty of empty eternity.


The monkey jar

The monkey jar comes from an old Indian story, the villagers place fruit

in the bottom of large jars to catch the monkeys .  The monkeys get

their hands stuck in the jars because they are holding the fruit  and

can only escape , if they let go of it .


Truth has many faces

colour blends to see- through white ,

paradox lies  in muddied puddle

of who did what , who won the fight .


Your presence is a mirror

reflecting carelessly the me you see

& I watch the canvas that you paint

each fine flecked line , each clichéd comma

each hackneyed band of femininity.


I choose the day &  truth I wear

soft dresses ripe for harvest

but something other calls my name

a distant cloudburst , sun through rain ,

a sweetened wine I long to drink


not the salted kind you’ve offered me

your tight ribbed stab at honesty

& I let my monkey stumble free

to find the way ,

where truth will wear my own face .






Solitude sits

smoothes her surreptitious skirts

sinuously slides an arrogant thigh

strokes soft skin to draw me in.


She’s stalking crowded bars

swills sweated beer

haunts music’s cadent scales

she’s vibrant on this perfect stage .


If I let you close for comfort

seconds where each veil’s removed

and you reach me with your story

hot chant of dance , I just might chance ,


but I’m running through that door ,

that private place , my nuptial space

I take her vows once more

she promises sleep , sweet throbbing  peace

the breadth of oceans floor;


as her caul descends, blocks needy sense

where I’m free to seek for all ,

the best is this I don’t need your kiss

when she wraps me in her shawl ,


I’m self possessed , left your binding nest

don’t want your lithe encore

as her dark cloak sweeps the floor

I’m  hypnotised, caught where life resides;


strong and silent in my core

where Solitude presides

and pleases me once more.