Solitude sits

smoothes her surreptitious skirts

sinuously slides an arrogant thigh

strokes soft skin to draw me in.


She’s stalking crowded bars

swills sweated beer

haunts music’s cadent scales

she’s vibrant on this perfect stage .


If I let you close for comfort

seconds where each veil’s removed

and you reach me with your story

hot chant of dance , I just might chance ,


but I’m running through that door ,

that private place , my nuptial space

I take her vows once more

she promises sleep , sweet throbbing  peace

the breadth of oceans floor;


as her caul descends, blocks needy sense

where I’m free to seek for all ,

the best is this I don’t need your kiss

when she wraps me in her shawl ,


I’m self possessed , left your binding nest

don’t want your lithe encore

as her dark cloak sweeps the floor

I’m  hypnotised, caught where life resides;


strong and silent in my core

where Solitude presides

and pleases me once more.


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