”Love me, love me not”

‘’You love me, you love me not’’

an occupation for summer fields

& daisy chains:

when muscles are at ease


here in this land of cold’s

sharp hand I stare out over

sleet filled roofs, walk beside

the icy sea.


‘’You love me, you love me not’’

the petals fall on stony ground

& do I care to persevere

with fog fuelled nights?


Your promise waits at

the small white gate

that opens to the beach.


Here seagulls wail

the storm moves in its comrade’s:

with lightning thrusts & icy squall

at 4pm the darkness moves


to fling a cloak

on twilight’s pearl.


‘’You love me, you love me not’’

flutters down the street

where goblin’s snatch its wispy tail

& send it spinning out to sea


to drown in depths

of Neptune’s breath.


There nothing lives

& no one breathes

or waits to take my hand.


‘’You love me, you love me not’’

has simply disappeared.



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