December 28

From Ultramarine


This is your birthday, whatever happens I can’t forget that and in some sense love never changes. We have had two weddings this year, our children’s weddings, sending us right back to the beginning of it all, smile pasted to my mouth struggling to be graceful in the face of it.


Stroke my cheek

pause to see creation

in my eyes: watch the way

your sons they share

the curve of you.


Rising unbidden in sleep the swirling waters overtake me, outside the rain slides down the windows as another storm passes over the bay. Now she loves you and you, when you let yourself remember how you love me, and I put it all away, wrap my heart in bandages and leave the corner which was ‘’us’’ mummified for eternity.


Stroke my cheek

whisper sweet words to me

the ones you never did.

We walk in resolution

it is a sort of ending.


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