Break down

From  Ultramarine ….……

Inside cells electrical impulses trigger quantum leaps across time zones,

“The sky of our house was not the same as our neighbours”

She walks the city street to meet a lover she has left behind, there are bracelets on her wrists and her hair blows free in the sunlight catching golden sparks like the sun on ancient citadels.  The men stare and stubbornly she meets their eyes with nothing in her gaze.  He takes her hand and tells her that he loves her, ruffling the words into a nudged caress across her neck. She breaks away and asks him what he means.



Don’t treat me like a soldier

to be vanquished in the night

don’t arm yourself against me

if you need me to be your woman

if you need me to be your wife.



The soft tissues of my body are hurting and the back of my head has fallen away leaving clear grey emptiness, this is the myth of Eros and Psyche re – enacted but this time she is left to wander in the wilderness through no fault of her own.  Love has been offered like flowers to a Hindu deity our bodies have taken part in the sacrament and now you are playing insider games with my mind.  As long as I can find an answer to this riddle, as long as there is some explanation like some soap opera Queen I turn to occult arts to aid me, friends are bewildered, I am bewildered there is no useful answer.



She sees his head laid upon her shoulder, wonders what it is, she feels nothing , has nothing left to feel, it is as if she were reborn with no language to explain, the sunlight on the street, the stare of the men, a voice in her ear whispering something vaguely familiar, her toe traces a circle in the dust, she sighs, removes his head and not understanding the following cry waves as she turns the corner walks out into the desert, feels pleasure from the burning heat and the dry wisp of wind in her hair.




Just stroke my hair at midnight

in the tousled morning glow

just whisper words that lovers use

in the language we both know.


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