From Ultramarine 

You were my


last years



Our limbs

an equilibrium

which  never fails

to astonish.


 Doors open and close with resounding jangle, I walk into an empty space and you’re there, elegant, astounding in your beauty. All I can think of is how good it is to see you, how good it is to hold you and our bodies are drawn by invisible enzymes.  I have nothing to say to you, never did, but you are looking for reasons trying to hold on to pride so I circumscribe events, tell you no lies, agree that I’ve used you as you’ve used me for convenience, for warmth ,for sex, for someone to talk to.  It’s this that the fates spin on their eternal wheel of time , no amount of searching or logic could have brought us together kept us tied at ground level, you from a culture wide  eyed and earth beaten and mine the dance of a firefly, summer evening children’s kisses.  So it’s down to decision time and you have a sweetness spliced with a gauche inability to express what you need most while I am terrified to comply with normal procedure.  Do we do it this time or deny the possibilities? Again it comes down to silk skinned children: a new life.  Maybe we should just kiss for a while until we decide, lie beside each other on a still night watching the moon untangle the clouds from an ageing sky ,maybe it’s not up to me to decide.



Patterns on the wall

an ageing wind

your eyes

kohl rimmed

I’m alive

in the darkness

of you.






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