From Ultramarine 2014 

Tremors on my lips,

seascape, water lilies.


Love comes like a

tequila shot

sour and salty

heralding madness

highs of desire

leaving heavy hangover

a lapse of memory.

Tremors in my limbs

dance floors, sequins.



You are soft, rounded, spread with a carpet of down like a fawn; we are dancing on a tight rope of desire unbalanced by the wind from a biting past.  There is no room for mistakes, yet you make them and we cling single handed to the rope, abyss falling deep below us. I’ve had practise, hours, days and years of rehearsal but you are new to this, feeling your way in an unclear light across the small expanse of safety to the other side which beckons with no ending .Daily we sprawl face first in the dust tasting grit and tears and then laughter resurrects some small semblance of a balance and we continue. My heart aches from the spinning of this centrifuge where the pace leaves us filtered. From blood to clear liquid, beneath a muddy coating of residue, plasma.  The wind aches from the cold, beneath party lights small children face the panoply of crystal windows. You open a door we glimpse the colour smell the scent of food , a table laid in celebration, then you snap it shut, it caves in upon itself leaving us aghast with not even the air we breathe to fill our lungs.


Frozen morning

white cloud whips

from nowhere to nowhere

time pulsates


Tremors in my heart

watched from above

rainbow of the moon

laughter of you.

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