Tick tock

Tick tock


Time moves on

slow/fast quick/slow

a rumba of replete desires

a waltz of last week’s want

vanish in the side step

of the hours: ‘twixt then & now.


Tick tock


Time deceives your smile

the kiss that lingered

somehow so replete till now;

the days & hours reduced

to requiem of tears.

Where are we now?


Tock tick


Impatience snapping at my heels

the slow unfolding of the years

have clamped their hungry jaws

on this:

my skin, my eyes, my lips

a semblance of the  child remains.


But ‘’ time ‘’ has ruled my life

each second counted up till now:

Ah time’s the sinner / saint

a paradigm which  we create

a breathing in, a whisper out

a temperate lie.


Tick tock to time



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