Walk with me again

Walk with me again

over sunlight speckled streams

through the tart nettles & the

sharp tooth brambles to the

smooth green sward of an upland field

where the sheep scatter crazily at our feet

& the cuckoo spits her tuneless song.


Walk with me once more

arm in arm through the breathless hordes

of the rush hour crowd, to turn aside

at an open bar, rest in silence

while the traffic roars & the ferryboat plies

her starlight trail, across the harbour.


Sit  & hold my hand

round an open fire, just to tell me

how you are & why you’ve been

so far away when you promised me

you’d be here to stay. Why you left

in that awful rush with those bustling nurses

the sweat of the incense, the rich red mass.


Walk with me again

along our small curved shore

with the fishermen mending nets

the harvest moon blazing

turning to solitude, for there is only ”I”

& the essence of ”you”.