Morning ride


Rape fields so yellow they hurt my eyes

plough share and blossom spring grows

day by day in the warm air. Last year’s dreams

have disappeared churned in the raw moist earth

buried in the winter sleep and now they’re forgotten:


echoes of memory, down a lane I didn’t chose.



I wonder do you think of us? All the golden dust

of Autumn in our eyes as we watched you crumble

metamorphose into someone new leaving me behind

I sometimes hear your voice calling through sleep filled dawn

arms around my body then I wake and you are gone.




Life is better from this high, the back of a breathing

horse we move in unison same pattern same stride

glide across the landscape a visionary bird’s eye

while the world dries beneath us, crumbles into

last year’s dreams while this year stretches  its delicate hands.




Morning mist sea squall brown foam on the beach line

sand crumbles between cold toes and the dog

makes her way to the brink of each wave, waiting:

waiting to be asked to dive in swim, strong stroke against

the tide, bringing it all back to me; without asking.




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