You’ve seen the trees relieved of leaves

in autumn’s great divide

there’s thirty years of these between

the time your small expanse was placed

upon my knees and I knew what

unconditional love was.


It’s hard to see the gleam

of fresh filled streams across

a desert where we walk not meeting

and there’s fire that flares sharp burns

each time we try to speak leaving marks

we can’t explain, a void that drops so deep

only sometimes feelings skirt around the bleakness.


There’s something you should know,

a first born child is special, comes not with ease

they tried to take you away, and now it seems to me

that battling through those years to keep you

has somehow been in vain, so here’s my offering

I can only write this way


to tell you just how much I love you.



No date


We sat at sunlit table, sea shushing & hushing

the wine was quite acceptable, waitress pretty

& the feast laid before us picketed a fine picnic.


I listened to the space between your words

watched your mouth move describing

the core of your life your centre of being:


& the sentences strode on over the sea

melted in the haze of horizon but they didn’t contain

an ounce of me.


Hours later I wondered if anything had occurred,

if I had heard the sound of angels, felt the touch of Eros

carried in on the onshore breeze


I knocked upon the silence listened to my heartbeat

pondered over biscuits ran the gambit of my cup of tea


& I knew then we were strangers a greeting & a meeting

a clash of  mis-  matched  symbols: there was nothing bright to hold us


just a moment in the sunlight & the shush hush deepening hum

of the cruel sea.





Filigree of trace lines

nerve endings, optic fibres;

visions absorbed and re- absorbed

inverted commas, colons: semi -quavers

pink suns spinning in motionless heaven

sign behind the line that you have understood.


Invalid projections bounce from fine encounters

the witness takes a breath,

you hold out your hands again and again

offering love in thin disguises

serendipity formed from glass towers

trusting in the synapses,

figurines defying their cracked shelter.


Outside noise interjects…..

if you had known better you could have

caught the jet between us

turned it into gold for children’s entertainment.


Buffeting like trees

leaves snap shoulders

body screams from faded brake pads

loss of impulsion on early autumn days

Virgoan light humming straightjacket of disorder,

I’m peeled by insecurity when enough is never too easy

I can see forever in the tree line, perspective dark as cancer

which no shame will dislodge.


We are true to our restrictions,

I enact your infidelities, you are loyal

like a well loved undergarment hugging my contours

clinging in an umbilicus of insistence

listening to the blood call; with it’s sugar, with it’s salt.


Life rides me again and again

demanding a clear pathway,

you coming later understood better

have caught sooner, the thread we’ve yet to own.


I have denied the notion,

denied three times

the possibility of a version

borne my thorns with masochistic pride

set you free to prophecy


to the unknown.


Secret lover


That moment between sleep and waking,

when limbs lie heavy sinking into reverie


where I can float on unseen currents of air,

find you standing without misconception.


That moment between life and love

when the heart stretches to open,


& passion flies in like a golden eagle,

with the sun  flaming its wings.


Each time I see you it’s the same

some  huge unseen force empties the room,


I devoid of oxygen left gasping like a fish

on the beach of  outstretched hand;


here lovers mingle at the corner of the street

traffic noises whirr inside our lives, but, you and I adrift,


an unknown sea of stars collide at corners of the bar

where neither one can speak, of the love we feel.


From ”Love bites” 2014. To buy the book click here 



I taste of honey

high winds & eagle flight,


sun soaked beaches

lost lover’s songs.


I taste of morning musk

& evening’s amber etchings


of tomorrow and yesterday,

destinations untouched.


I’m the longing of a swallow

for African moonlight,


I taste of salt and sorrow

the joy of knowing love;


Yes, I taste of high winds

& freedom


but together we are God.

I can see clearly


I can see clearly how

you bloom in night’s harbour

dance your own brand of freedom

speak of angel blossom, mind’s tautologies’

rapt midnight visions

an innocent belief in truth.


You jump from jaded pavements

hand me back the lost lotus

remind me soul is always knocking

at the still door waiting to be heard.


I can see clearly how

fairy tales spin the stardust heaven

mystery breathes on sunset beaches

that love’s a troubadour spanning centuries

faith an echo ever to be reached

robed in constancy.


An hour with you

redresses compromise

reflects the speckled pathway to infinity:

now I’ve been taught by one I thought to teach

that hope’s a potent drug, blind man sees too much

a hand across a table’s sometimes not enough.


I can see clearly how

I threw myself away

the day I learnt to love you.


Love bites 2014

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Victoria Mosley - Love Bites - Full Preview 2



‘’Victoria Mosley cannot be ignored by anyone who cares for love..  These poems are discerning and passionate, they invoke the Genius Loci of places we keep returning to with a conviction that is rare in poetry these days.’’ (Rehan Qayoom Editor Translator Author)

Her poetry is powerful; and compelling, she has been a published poet for thirty years and her poetry is especially appreciated in America Australia and South East Asia. Her poetry profoundly affects her readers, below are some of the comments from followers of her poetry blog . Subscribe to satisfy your daily poetry addiction.

‘’Dear Victoria,

Thank you so much for sending me your wonderful poems.’’

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‘’You are beautiful. Thank you.. xx’’

‘’ Astonishing, raw emotion Victoria. Awesome.’’



Morning musing



Time, like the tide rebounds on the rock of yesterday:

what seemed so important has faded like autumn leaves


into dust of everyday.


Life, like the birth of stars a mystery: we swim in the sea of infinity

like dandelion seeds on a summer breeze


no definite destination to be  grasped or seen.


Love; like a prayer works unconditionally

I try to improvise a melody grab a grip on the ladder of eternity


only to somersault from kaleidoscope of memory

into a future not known or owned by me.