Filigree of trace lines

nerve endings, optic fibres;

visions absorbed and re- absorbed

inverted commas, colons: semi -quavers

pink suns spinning in motionless heaven

sign behind the line that you have understood.


Invalid projections bounce from fine encounters

the witness takes a breath,

you hold out your hands again and again

offering love in thin disguises

serendipity formed from glass towers

trusting in the synapses,

figurines defying their cracked shelter.


Outside noise interjects…..

if you had known better you could have

caught the jet between us

turned it into gold for children’s entertainment.


Buffeting like trees

leaves snap shoulders

body screams from faded brake pads

loss of impulsion on early autumn days

Virgoan light humming straightjacket of disorder,

I’m peeled by insecurity when enough is never too easy

I can see forever in the tree line, perspective dark as cancer

which no shame will dislodge.


We are true to our restrictions,

I enact your infidelities, you are loyal

like a well loved undergarment hugging my contours

clinging in an umbilicus of insistence

listening to the blood call; with it’s sugar, with it’s salt.


Life rides me again and again

demanding a clear pathway,

you coming later understood better

have caught sooner, the thread we’ve yet to own.


I have denied the notion,

denied three times

the possibility of a version

borne my thorns with masochistic pride

set you free to prophecy


to the unknown.


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