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Sea rough as hell

waves want to silence us

drag down deep to a watery land

where the octopus sleeps.


Out on the Estuary world war

sentinels stand like giant insects

scanning the sky empty now as

tankers roll by & dolphins jitter.


We’re lost in the wind falling from

land to sea & the sails batter me

tack and jive through morning high tide

& skip past sea cables.


The moon smirks down behind wisps

of dawn & sun sneaks out betwixt judder

of hull as we heel hard to wind water

pouring on deck breaking through


to drench us.


Storm sky

From All @ Sea 2014 coming soon on Amazon 


Sea is wild tonight

all lustful waves &

peacock tails of


sound & light.


Moon pokes out to say

her piece she’s full &

fertile like the  earth


yet scuds across the war

filled sky anchored here

to you & I.


Yes sea is wild,

winds tears my hair

pulls my clothes


harbour lights blink

ill at ease as storm

clouds promise to release


the wrath of primal Gods.


Sea is wild yet

you & I lie cocooned

by warmth and need


here now at peace.


The eye of night

has passed us by

we leave the fight


to sea and sky;

together sleep

& dream of sea.

Stardust and sea

From All @ Sea 2014 coming shortly on Amazon 


Sea shimmies like silver fishtail

wind ripples light sou’ west

shallow water eddies on sandbank

low storm shuffle.


Moon presses full under lamp light

dodging cloud gifting opaque lining

street lies silent under sleeping

windows & near dawn seagulls


squawk & bicker..

Sea spittle

From  All @ Sea 2014 coming soon on Kindle


Sunshine glints through

sea spittle weed floats

like dead girl’s hair

between two buoys

coastguard stutters into life.


Oil tanker and ferry wait

for no man, sea undulates

its curves like the patterns

in my brain I want to call you up

ask you how you’ve been


but death leaves no voicemail

only disconnection & the line

whines an end..


Sunshine over sea spittle

weed like strands of dead girl’s hair

through the two buoys yachts

jitter for a slice of wind

& the seagulls hover fight for litter


raucous voices tint an offshore wind.


Sea sings for you

(From All @ Sea 2014 coming soon on Kindle )


Sea skims beyond roof tops

& chimney pots, the moon

draws me in: sleep brings no

rest, too many dreams of you.


We talk & nothing’s changed

nothing solved, this game of love

has bitten me twice over, left

me hungry.


Your eyes your mouth the lazy

cloud of voice that teases from

the past the future now unfurls

an empty table where I lay


white roses for your bed

you seep through twice

sealed heart to taunt me.

Oyster girl


Skin raw from sea salt wind

light blazes merciless stings grooves

bones heavy: salt heavy moon heavy:

mind on overload whirling with the twist

of life’s congruence.


I wait to split wide like the oysters

shrunk with your acid

tart and bitter sweet,

the salt contracting muscle

till I drown in moon’s tide.


I keep waiting

morphing into sand

stemming pride :

I was for you a beautiful aside

you were for me the pivot of my life


I keep waiting

for the crash

to suck me under.




You are my muse

the hidden side

I lost from view


the only place I need to go,

my angel’s tune.


You are my love

the light behind my eyes

the truth I tried


so hard to find.


You are my heart

and every cliché

in between.


the warmth that shines

on budding leaves

the only food I’ll ever need


my reason to be free.


It’s dangerous to sing this loud

we have no understanding

of the given fee


the price we’ll pay.


You are my muse

my beautiful expensive gift

the universe has lent to me


for a season.




The smell of sex



(Because you asked me to write this)



It’s late again;


 the morning’s turned to afternoon

and I have never kissed someone

so many times in all their unknown places.


Our love becomes


a mirror where your eyes reflect a light

on all those lonely nights we’ve lived

before our spirits met and hearts began to sing.


After the love


is over with it’s multi coloured liquid songs

the room vibrates with stolen sounds that

permeate the solid age old walls


and the smell of sex,


is licked from each one’s lips

inhaled with puzzled smiles:

there is no sense in asking why.


We breathe


each other’s breath a moment in recline

turn away to lie entwined

and wait for coffee.




No date



We sat at sunlit table, sea shushing & hushing

the wine was quite acceptable, waitress pretty

& the feast lay before us picketed a fine picnic.


I listened to the space between your words

watched your mouth move describing

the core of your life your centre of being:


& the sentences strode on over the sea

melted in the haze of horizon but they didn’t contain

an ounce of me.


Hours later I wondered if anything had occurred,

if I had heard the sound of angels, felt the touch of Eros

carried in on the onshore breeze


I knocked upon the silence listened to my heartbeat

pondered over biscuits ran the gambit of my cup of tea


& I knew then we were strangers a greeting & a meeting

a touch of unknown symbols there was nothing bright to hold us


just a moment in the sunlight & the shush hush deepening hum

of the incoming  cruel sea.



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My father’s keeper


I’m dying slowly day by day in the place where you don’t visit, last night in my dreams we stood before a vast sea of coloured sky with the blackness of eternity spreading empty on the horizon. Here each morning the light has faded to monochrome in the paucity of this English summer, the sky a grey shroud of monotony, like my heart.