Sea scarf

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Sea a black scarf
wrapped around the harbour
it’s cold tonight, so cold
the wind is taut
& moon hangs silent
huge immobile willing.

Sea sends whispers
of how it should be
sailors ghosts ride high
their songs mixed with
mermaids breath
the slink of seal at rest.

Sea calls to me
I’m immune caught up
beach sweeps a canvas
of wind ,water ,longing
connection to every other,
footsteps follow I turn

sea is a black scarf
enfolding me.


Leaves are falling on this year

last goodbyes, new born’s sigh;

a hint of love & multitudes

of restless nights & asking why

has brought me here.


Time’s slowing down, I’m breathing in

& all the memories we shared

have morphed to litanies of dreams

where hand in hand we walk the shadow world

you left me for.


What can I say? I wake these

dull faced mornings, iron skies go flying by

& seagull’s piercing cry remind me I’m alive

it seems the joy has flown with summer sun

yes leaves are dropping one by one


& winter’s near.




Autumn skin

Autumn’s creeping in

chill of wending breeze

the drop of leaves

flung across the tarmac

like old skin.


Last year next year never

become a simple blur of

faces passed & kisses shared

so many words that linger

for strangers to mull over.


Autumn’s bringing rest

the promise of a winter fire

an old friend’s hug

simplicity is dropping from the sky

a sigh


to soothe the burn

of too much sun &

you & I  go walking

in the park just like we did

last Autumn.

I sleep like an angel

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I sleep like an angel

with the sea as my bed

& the wind wails behind me

slotting words in my head.


I’m free as an eagle

with the land spread beneath

& the world is my table

filled with love for my bread.


I sleep like an angel

no dreams to disturb

the cavern of heaven

opens doors in my soul


I sleep like an angel

on the wings of the dawn

& nothing can catch me

on the boat of my bed.




Diamonds in the mix

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White light

waves keep crashing in

cracked crumbled from it

inimitable pitiless.


White night

the scream I tried to hide

I’m split in fragments

like litter on the beach.


There are diamonds in the mix

sand glints their brilliantine

its honing through my soul

to glass see through shattered


by your kick,

your old new love fix.



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Cliff’s a table laid

with grass like seaweed

for a mermaid’s bed

blue blue aqua

turquoise porpoise

seals circling the tide.


Headland locks

to leeward

wind chimes yacht

climbs the swell;

pirate’s tide hides

in caves below us.


Couple’s cruise

the boardwalk

stride in both directions

conjugal pairs matching

habit printed on their




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You come from that silent place

where stars break behind a cloud

bank below jet stream tears.


Your nights are brushed by Angel’s wings

& you haunt the still point of peace where

solitude becomes you.


You live in tune with the river’s breeze

the dryads and the fairies drift to you

gild gold dust on your shoulder.


Twice born this world can’t understand

the loneliness of a wandering man

whose heart tugs on his torn sleeve


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Light is luminous today

wind is raking all the leaves

another autumn spreads its wings

to swallow me.


Tide is crashing seaweed cliff

open palm through waking dream

& down through unforgiving years

the time flies by.


Light threads fingers

through my heart

I’ve waited patiently for thee

the moment when you understand


your love is the roof of my sky.




Last of the sun

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Sun glints Spanish gold

underwater sandbanks slide

beneath tanker and tug boat


& the wind farms flap their

Maltese crosses in unison.


The last of the tourists shiver

don wet suits link surf boards

head into the green murk flip


back on white water till the sea

falls a globe of blood fire to die

as the oyster catcher cries his lament


for another lost summer.

Cliff Fall

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They talk of a cliff fall

& there it was a swipe of chalk

scooped out and lost


beneath the pounding waves

the natural cost of ocean

skimming shore.


I walk beneath amazed

that yesterday the gash

came clear away


& fell amongst us rubble now

where all was smooth & white before

a little like my life


when crisis calls

& I refuse to listen.