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Fog rolls in wet

cold and spider thin

stretching the skin of my heart

masking the gold of fallen leaves

marking the places we’ve been.


Roof slick with rain

stubble falls under plough

black sticky with stony debris:

we’ve travelled light years this far

shedding memories like see through leaves


rising ghostly from the past

sentient now giving form to breath

to invite you in one last time

before the night falls.




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High wire gull flight

chimney pots through rooftops

that hold secrets of other lives

wide azure field of sky

curves open to the sea .


Sun spins light

gossamer threads of gold

trailing skin, while wind whips

my hair rubs the past away

pumice on memory


moulding me whole again.


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River slow

under willow

over reed

light mist

bulrush whisper

of far away

far away

& the old oak

bones its hands

to the hard blue sky

frost in mid-morning

no tourists.


Dreams of past time

expectation in the


fall of rose hip

King Harry rides by

echoes gather in the falling dusk

regurgitate their  memories

for us to steal

clear away




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The rain came

beating down in sheets of gloom

soaking through the blossom’s dust

feeding shoots in loamy soil

nourishing me.


My tree is wild with febrile roots

the bluebells clamour to be heard

& birds are nesting in the hedge

they deafen me.


The rain came

& so will you I’m told

standing on the corner where

we always meet, hat pulled over

hair that’s wet


with nature’s gold.


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Two fish

swimming in opposite directions

tail flick yet you are cool coffee

crumble to my vanilla ride .


A difference a day makes

yesterday all equinoctial cold chaos

woke to green leaves

open sky and almond eyes.


Two fish

victim saviour

misinformed and unaligned

time tinkers raw emotion,


I’ll keep the coffee crumble

if you’ll take vanilla sweetness

tossed with sunshine

in my oriental eyes.


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Sea is green jade flat

to saucer of horizon

undulating pulse of planet

tide trims till storm shakes

surface to brittle jet.


Beach fine sand speckled

white crumbled cliff & skull

of sea creatures crack underfoot

as the thunder bickers rain bands

vertical illusion of God’s curtain.


Sand fills my eardrums

shush shush secrets of

the lives its watched walk

these wide white cliffs


Lovers and suicides collide

in cellular memory morphic

resonance of yesterday stamped

in stone and shingle lulled to nothing


by the shush shush tide &

the colours turning.


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Light plays

on the surface of the leaves

glances off your hair

follows me in dreams.


August turns

waves its hand  to summer smiles

a circle of goodbyes

pledges we will keep


following love.


You turn

sadness in your eye

a tremor in your smile

as if to ask me why.


Rain comes

battling through the night

I turn to touch your side

but you’re not there.


Light plays

another day another year

how they have flown from me

leaving me right here


listening to the breeze

whisper love songs.


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Rain came again

in swathes of summer sweat

trilling through the gutters

turning trees to liquid colour


You called from outer space

the line was disconnected

lost in my head  I read

your questions, asked you to wait


another life time.


I see nothing but water

bubbling through the pavement

slick beneath my feet, surfacing

in my sheets, to drown me.


You appear in other’s faces

jump the gap between their needs

& the memories they fall from me

like this rain they’re all invading


leaving me soaking wet.

Summer Whitstable

From All @ Sea 2014 coming soon on Amazon 


Summer comes with

red dawn fingers

light flames leaves

& Ceanothus glitters

purple as bluebells bicker

translating difference.

Over sea marsh

Heron lingers

slush sharp stealth

of the water

drains the bay

leaves tourist litter

fishing boats feather

out to sea.

You smile and turn

something flicks

in my memory:

it whispers of


remembrance .