Hung in time’s pendulum

felled between the measured chimes

pinned inside the gate of miracles

certainty trembles :

bronze sheafed corn erect for harvest

flattened by that one freak storm .


Yesterday’s a bluebird

beaked with silken scarf

flies fast to erode tomorrow’s granite ,

and wise men wait

immobile in that detached space:

chop wood, eat fire ,drink from molten river

search their truth in children’s eyes.


Lightning strikes so calmly

blasting bolt splits knotted oak

nurtured centuries in nature’s arbour,

and certainty’s an island

dropped in shark infested sea,

here we flounder for horizon

flotsam fleshed on random wave.


‘’Now’’ leafs her girdled circlet

springs from sprouted heartbeat

bites the blood of old men’s breath

holograms each withered hand ,

pattern tunes your family voice

that seals lost generations .


Caught  inert in measured swing

life blossom’s her blind moment

turns the stair ,reneges once more ,

and certainty’s a witness,

beam your hopes in fervent prayer ,

chop wood ,eat fire, drink from molten river

relive your truth in children’s eyes .     

Autumn moon

Full moon brought strangeness

pattern’s split, old lives fell to dust

exploded with the bankruptcy of years

left me shaking in a sallow wind


You are my child, my heart

nurtured and protected

screened from secrets of the past

that linger on street corners…..whispering.


Full moon brought endings

swifter than the shine of dawn

that filters through these Autumn mornings

then fades to everlasting night.


You are my child, my heart

will always stay that way

incomprehension flickers in your eyes

and the dust blinds you.


Beach walk

Full moon eclipse

sea squid ink black

we pitch in blind arc

earth hurtles at heaven

stretches out to stars:

beach tilts underfoot


rushes up to meet me.


Chill wind from the North

we beat as one heart

blood pulse through fingertips

hands hold the moment

I turn again to sea, wallow in the sight

& drown myself, drown myself


in moon’s  precarious light.




Smell of salt soft wind from east

seagull cry their baby’s long flown:

sun lingers paler now


Virgo turns the cusp to Libra

a chill in the shadows

day settles into mellow


leaves fallen end of year.


I’ve lost this year, the hours, the weeks

torn paper shredded in the flame of life

& love has nudged my shoulder


barely once or twice.


There’s no one I’ve been missing

nothing that  I yearn; I’m settling

for gold band of Autumn


awaiting Winter storm.

Amoebic sea



Rain leaves slicks like oil on slate roof

condensation blows clouds over my window pane

last night I watched the night hang a quarter moon

as earth turns questionably in empty space.


It’s empty: the truth came hurriedly to me

lying in an open field with high sky

cerulean blue, so blue I could glimpse

the curve of earth rotating wordlessly.


Later I drove towards thunder banked

arrived from ocean in a coral sea

soon the raindrops hit the road

bursting their skin like ripened cheese.


Then I knew once more the truth of this

that we’re random molecules exquisitely formed

dispensed like rain from amoebic sea

no sense at all that I can see


in the beauty of empty eternity.

Take off

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Sea salt and leavings

sky cracked tight

out of sight snow hides,

above earth’s ball

Galaxy’s wander, lost

to perception.


Pivot on cliff edge

teeter for extinction

I open wings to fly:

glide onto jet stream

mood shift’s to bird’s eye

today is the first time


& it feels like gold.




Set me free


Adrift again……..

cumuli nimbus eagle flight

sky yawning white out.


I dreamt of death last night

not cool oblivion just car crash style

waking me wide eyed


we meet in tunnels of my mind

as one decision changes life



ripples on this sea we cannot

halt or hide behind.


Adrift again…………

poised to run refuse the ties of blood

or other’s words.


High cloud & open wide wide sky

where you linger in the storm’s eye

ready to reach out & claim me.




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Fog rolls in wet

cold and spider thin

stretching the skin of my heart

masking the gold of fallen leaves

marking the places we’ve been.


Roof slick with rain

stubble falls under plough

black sticky with stony debris:

we’ve travelled light years this far

shedding memories like see through leaves


rising ghostly from the past

sentient now giving form to breath

to invite you in one last time

before the night falls.

High tide

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Sea funnels tidal

over breakwater

moss green like

undulating hillside


No beach, just slab

of sand shingle bitter

sweet hugging cliff

in effort to exist.


Horizon spreads out a

blanket of movement

sends waves of nausea

sleep I could sleep


in this deep rotting grace

let fishes nibble my feet

simply slip away, hair

tangled weave water


my last true lover.

Indian summer


This is an Indian summer

cool mornings brightening to

burning afternoons where the grass

crackles underfoot & the sky’s high and clear

sporting a huge full moon.


I drink the last of the summer wine

while you remember what you forgot to do

how you left me high & dry with the day trippers

burnt like pork & the children tetchy

from sugar.


Tonight I’m thinking of you

I watch the horizon bending to the curve of this planet

all of it sky washed blue,

twisting in countless universe’s cradle

& our love seems such a small to do


hardly more than swallow’s flutter

or a cloud wisp’s trail

at the end of summer.