Hung in time’s pendulum

felled between the measured chimes

pinned inside the gate of miracles

certainty trembles :

bronze sheafed corn erect for harvest

flattened by that one freak storm .


Yesterday’s a bluebird

beaked with silken scarf

flies fast to erode tomorrow’s granite ,

and wise men wait

immobile in that detached space:

chop wood, eat fire ,drink from molten river

search their truth in children’s eyes.


Lightning strikes so calmly

blasting bolt splits knotted oak

nurtured centuries in nature’s arbour,

and certainty’s an island

dropped in shark infested sea,

here we flounder for horizon

flotsam fleshed on random wave.


‘’Now’’ leafs her girdled circlet

springs from sprouted heartbeat

bites the blood of old men’s breath

holograms each withered hand ,

pattern tunes your family voice

that seals lost generations .


Caught  inert in measured swing

life blossom’s her blind moment

turns the stair ,reneges once more ,

and certainty’s a witness,

beam your hopes in fervent prayer ,

chop wood ,eat fire, drink from molten river

relive your truth in children’s eyes .     

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