Tick tock


Tick tock


Time moves on

slow/fast quick/slow

a rumba of replete desires

a waltz of last week’s want

vanish in the side step

of the hours ‘twixt then & now.


Tick tock


Time deceives your smile

the kiss that lingered

somehow so replete till now

days & hours reduced

to requiem of tears

where are we now?


Tock tick


Impatience snapping at my heels

the slow unfolding of the years

have clamped their hungry jaws on this

my skin, my eyes, my lips

a semblance of the child exists

in deep disguise.



Yes ‘’ time ‘’ has rattled out my life

each second counted ratified

Ah time’s the sinner / saint

a paradigm which  we create

a breathing in, a whisper out

a temperate lie:


Tick tock to time




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