The morning’s dark

earth throws up a deep perfume

of rotting leaves: exfoliates perfidious past

as I should do with me & you.


Our hands were tied

relooped & strung with childhood binds

they cut me from my soul & left me

hanging free above a world I couldn’t share.


This morning’s dark

& after all these years you’d think I’d find

a semblance of release but I’m not free:

the trees still shed their golden leaves.


But what of you & me?

How can we be so far apart & out of reach

when we said those heavy words that day,

to have to hold to honour & obey


till death should part:

but now I think that it may be

the only way……..

to glue us back together.




You appear, disappear

desert mirage in green man’s country

nothing clear to hold to.


You’re dark as my light

shipped from distant shore

where we met


all those years before

here, now, we come to this.


You’re a riddle without clue

I’m a plucked violin

you shift & I cue


we are subterfuge

linked somehow together.

Want to…….

Want to write something big

something to turn you round make you think,

about all those years we hid away

when  why was the only word that touched my lips

why, when we had everything two people need

there was that something missing in between.


Want to write something wild,

to loose the scream I chase inside

I want to take your hand in mine

wipe out the blame ask can’t we try

to find the flame that never came,




I want to write something sweet

to make you smile

and bless your sleep

with gentle memories of me.


I want to bend time back

grab all the wisdom I now know

erase the marks I left on you

reclaim a harvest we both shared

just let you know how much I care.


I want to rip to bits the tag

the price we paid to find myself

I’m here now bright in winter’s frost

and I can’t replace the peace we lost

but if you’d turn around you’d see

that I still love you , and you still love me .



Earth waits:

beneath my feet

her sleep of years

seeps through me

like molten mist that sticks.


Land slips:

from hill to vale

trees drop golden

rain of leaves; a winter coronet

upon my musing head.


Earth breathes

twelve billion years

to come to this:

a horse’s snort

the pheasant’s flight


a call of owl

in fading light,

& I have sight to see

to comprehend

if only for a whisper.


Yes now I feel

how it might be

when earth


speaks to me.


Colliding nebula

of need falls away.

here I am bathed

in hibernation’s

sacred sleep:


while Earth waits.





Set me free

Adrift again……..

cumuli nimbus eagle flight

sky yawning white out.


I dreamt of death last night

not cool oblivion just car crash style

waking me wide eyed


we meet in tunnels of my mind

as one decision changes life



ripples on this sea we cannot

halt or hide behind.


Adrift again…………

poised to run refuse the ties of blood

or other’s words.


High cloud & open wide wide sky

where you linger in the storm’s eye

ready to reach out & claim me.