Want to…….

Want to write something big

something to turn you round make you think,

about all those years we hid away

when  why was the only word that touched my lips

why, when we had everything two people need

there was that something missing in between.


Want to write something wild,

to loose the scream I chase inside

I want to take your hand in mine

wipe out the blame ask can’t we try

to find the flame that never came,




I want to write something sweet

to make you smile

and bless your sleep

with gentle memories of me.


I want to bend time back

grab all the wisdom I now know

erase the marks I left on you

reclaim a harvest we both shared

just let you know how much I care.


I want to rip to bits the tag

the price we paid to find myself

I’m here now bright in winter’s frost

and I can’t replace the peace we lost

but if you’d turn around you’d see

that I still love you , and you still love me .

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