Bella Isabella de Medici

( ”For love of a Medici” to buy click here )


Sun & fresco

searching the impossible



Palazzo Medici rings empty

remembers your footfall

love floating from your steps…….


Are echoes translatable?

no reflection in the mirrors


your brothers fat from glory

hands slaked with your blood.


Listen for the tears of your children

weeping for your absence…….


Now tourists flood your palace

thunder in the afternoon


waiting for your ghost

memory in etched stone ………


Out there the hills roll into night

olive groves, vineyards that you grew.


I creep beneath your skin

gather the fallen pearls


peeling back the point

where light snuffed out


darkness fell………


Immortality a meaningless word:

I say you saw an Angel once


crossing the room; held in light

like swallow’s song


shattering the silence

& for a moment out of time


I saw you too.




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