If I could

(Barbados )


If I could run away

it would be

to a place like this

a coral sea

where fishermen raise

their nightly nets

where you and I would

wake to the morning sun

dark skin and light

a tangle of limbs.


If I could stop the world

get off where I please

it would be at a place like this

where the sand is perfectly round

and the angel fish feed

on live coral reef

where the yachts anchor nightly

under a Venus sky

and my lover lies sleeping

by my side



If I could come back

as a sand crab burrowing

next to turtles eggs

carrying away my lover’s nest

watching the tidal moon nightly set

or a dolphin following boats

across the bay

blowing the sunlight

riding the waves

watching my dolphin children play.


If I could I surely would.


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