Easter Sunday Brazil


Each morning they re- hang the sky

early, before sunrise; it moves to left or right

and  I look hard to see the gap


between here and heaven.


The sea returns and returns

sprayed black and illuminates

the swimmers, white in the moonlight.


You have your moments; we talk

in broken phrases, as time passes

erratically culling the silence.


The girls hover like angels their

skin sweet and multi – coloured

I watch you sniff their fragments,


You lie sanctified by dream

a hedonistic sprawl of boy limbs

and soft fur waxed into pillow.


We will have to call love another name

suspended in this middle ground we jostle

for significance,


find it lacking.


If I could

(Barbados )


If I could run away

it would be

to a place like this

a coral sea

where fishermen raise

their nightly nets

where you and I would

wake to the morning sun

dark skin and light

a tangle of limbs.


If I could stop the world

get off where I please

it would be at a place like this

where the sand is perfectly round

and the angel fish feed

on live coral reef

where the yachts anchor nightly

under a Venus sky

and my lover lies sleeping

by my side



If I could come back

as a sand crab burrowing

next to turtles eggs

carrying away my lover’s nest

watching the tidal moon nightly set

or a dolphin following boats

across the bay

blowing the sunlight

riding the waves

watching my dolphin children play.


If I could I surely would.