Bitter Spring



This spring is sliding

into squall

that mackerel sky

I drew last night

has puffed its clouds

with rain

the shadows creeping

from the wall

& I am cold & overdone







Silver night, new moon hollow

bull frog barks deep throat

owl flight moves towards


Dreams have caught me in

their web of splendour

as night compels escape

& I am on the run once more.







You promise me nothing

I am overjoyed:

you live in your bubble

& overly cry out for me:


You know it was meant

& somewhere deep

inside we are tied

across the mighty ocean


beneath the turquoise seas

I believe

I believe

you’ll reach out  for me.




Ten thousand miles from here

the winter bats its heavy breath

leaves silver crystals stretched

across my door.


Here we watch the flying fish

skim the surface of the sea

it seems  surreal: sun on body

cloud benign the mermaids sing


of deep sea dives.





Woke @ sunrise

sky an orb of fire

storm from beginning


of time.


I thought how it all

continues in the silence

without witness.


I woke @ sunrise

didn’t want to die

fade into ground




A dandelion seed

of pollination

my words lost


between the mystery

& the deep calm sea.





Night time whisper

flicks into deep sea



You came unasked for

a moment of pure





My heart is breaking

into a million shards


of sunlight


Green leaf shadow

& blackbird song.


My heart is breaking

into cherry blossom




I am the tree & the garden

flows from my hands.


My tears are falling

like yesterday’s deluge


washing me clean

of all that’s gone.


My heart is breaking

into morning longing


till  I enter  ‘’being’’

& ‘’self’’ is done.

Spring sky


Sky high & wide

almost cloudless


Drone of engines

& Tiger Moth swoops low

over yellow Rape field.


Down here all is mellow

yellow: a deer rustles

through the green corn


& I want to stop

the world turning,

hang onto this moment


intimate, whole

completely perfect.


Sun, sun yellow blue

how I felt for you

just a wisp of cloud


lost in sky ocean.


Magic garden


Cherry tree dropped her skirts

last night, blowsy pink all Vevet white

& the redcurrant subtle turns

from flower to acid leaf.


Lily & marigold pat their beds

& the sunflower from seed

raise their heads & whisper

to a warm spring breeze


why me , why me?


Yes I have Dryads in my trees

a green canopy of filtered sky:

sometimes on a summer’s night

I close my eyes


& watch them fly

& watch them fly.