White Nights


                There’s a moment in a life when children born of love and sweat, nurtured with laughter and tears, suddenly grow beyond you. What you thought you understood becomes ridiculous, and their lives are as opaque as a dream landscape where strangers roam and the way home is unknowable. Like the child of the Snow Queen my heart shatters into a hundred icicles, to melt in a pool whose name is ‘’alone’’.

I never want to love again.

Life opens in front of me like a void with no singularity point.

This is day 1 of eternity, how will it unfold?





Stuck between inside & out

there is no time of day

I walk behind your before

listen to the tinkling of the bells.


The Angel of the Moon

watches you sleep

perfection is a word

minted for you.


Stranger’s jostle

no attention to detail:

your detail is diminished

there is no up or down


I’ve turned from love

into the deep unknown echo

of you.





To look & understand is different from just looking: infinite tapestry of weft and weave adorn the casements where light filters five hundred years of brilliant gems.


A breath of long gone generations captured in recycled dust.

My hands touch Michelangelo’s balustrade, intricate perception of perfection. Everywhere the Palle:


Azalea weeps purple to grace the space of dead men.

I walk on bones & the streets whisper of blood, I turn to find stealthy footsteps stalking my dreams.


Time echoes in my step, so many years gone by & still the child in me is clothed in wonder.


River to road

road to river

breathing out

breathing in

water flows from mouth

from skin.

You are omnipotent

caught in the complex

of an angled glance

heart dissolves it’s salt blood

drops its curds on after dinner plate

laced  with friandise.


Tout seul dans la bouche d’un rêve.


Intermittent spinning

flushed reminiscence

chimes church bells theme

black cloister, white ribbon,

varnished green combusted

bone to dust,

but in-between

wild bubbling of corruption.

Road to river

river to road

view from your window

speaks of opulent buntings,

one step the steely whiteness

of sophistication:

I bleed briefly on designer footstool

designated for swift execution

kick back hard to hear

in China.


Tout seul dans un été si fois, dans ma bouche un gout de sel.


There was water

in our touch

it flooded our eyeballs

made us cry like bats

high whisper of unformed sound

Miracles happen nightly

road to river river to road

each one a rudimentary

artwork of expression

breathing through gills

flickering with coloured scales

until we are airtight wrapped in clingfilm

under investigation   the blood spills

unable to contain it’s salt taste

in the mouth of a dream.





Red roses wait……..

sun’s sweet touch

a dust of rain.


Church bell tolls

it’s Sunday vows

& you are gone from us.


Sunrise blasts early

5.a.m. swallows cry

beneath the house


& I am finished with this nest

the children flown while all around

time speeds up


it’s industry.


Last week, last year, last century

all lost in the snip snap of

bone’s crack


an  echo of this song.

Summer rain


Summer rain washes dust

cracks & eddies turn to torrents:

high above the swallows wheel

cherries swell in moisture


Yesterday earth was parched

a cricket ball upon the green

yesterday you held my hand

summer’s loving came to rest


in the twilight.


The rose is vibrant red again

& candy pinks are dripping gold

short sweet span of summer rain

fills us with a loving cup


of colour.

Blue blue


sky flies high

wisp tipped cloud enclose

sheer dome of blue blue light.



walk beneath: a species

bound unto itself that

squeezes life from all it sees


leaves dust to dust to debris.



we’re biosphere, the planets DNA

twists double snake & helix vine

a language built of molecule


that binds us to the core



sky flies high, I flip the coin

wisp tipped clouds enclose

yours & mine


our everything.