Strip tease


Sun through leaves

garden waits


splice of gold

glints spider’s web


Japanese peonies raise

their heads


& the lilies Dorian planted

delicate red.


Frost on footpath

badger prints


hare sniffs breeze

dogs are set.


Russet autumn

here to tease


nature’s seduction

a hint of branch


raw brown earth:

a fleeting glimpse


of the bare bones

that’s  winter.

Cosy academia

Marie de Medici letter


You take the 9.05.

across the river’s murky past


espresso clutched, again you puff

those deadly sticks.


The city breathes its history

laid out by hands whose words


you transcribe day by day

500 years of detailed text


only still to lock away

in hidden chapters in your head.


The evening’s dinner

lecture tour, those stranger’s faces


who applaud.


Safe from us the hungry hordes

of amateurs who long to see


through eyes that saw

through eyes that wept


500 hundred years of history

held captive by your PHD.



2015-08-22 18.57.53



Early morning chill

beaded sweat on wire


gold of autumn  tinge

between your heart & mine.


Drifted by so quick

a flash of tears & laughter


have brought us here.


Spring was full of hope

summer fluctuated


beautifully fecund.


Golden corn & silver wheat

surround me in high field.


It’s time to say goodbye

ephemeral  ”now ” slips


through my sticky fingers;


one glorious burst of gold,

a glinted copper sheen


across the span of years

to bridge us.