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’How do you love?’’.

He said


She held a picture in her head, of him

& answered: slowly day by day


‘’I’m green & gold & sometimes sunrise red’’


‘’How do you live with all of this?’’

He asked again


She flicked the brim – full of her pain

paused a moment gently shook


the ache they’d left:: the ones she’d

loved and lost to life or death.


She turned away as if to say

‘’I’m heady like the bee……


believe in something: maybe me’’.


‘’How will we be?’’

He cried…


She sighed.

‘’I think we’ll leave it up to time


it rattles years it undermines

I’m weaving this with golden thread’’


‘’How shall we love?’’

He said


‘’A kiss just take a kiss from here

we’ll take a kiss & then we’ll see


a kiss from me’’


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