Austin :Texas.



The trees hang heavy,

leaf heavy sweat heavy

the lone star sun eats the sidewalk

crossing and re-crossing  intersecting lines

that always meet in the wrong place.


There is no “you”,

no gallon hatted, boot buckling, bourbon swigging

hunk of unknown man

come to rob me of my European blues;

just fleeting caricature


dark smile , closed hands

eyes bounced from airport lounge

to line dancing, hip grinding,,

neon crazy

one bar saloon.


As usual I don’t fit the offered shoe

pressure cracked,

smoked glass too soon

I hobble barefoot

in someone else’s parody.





Smell draws across a crowded room,

there’s no denying what you want

soft sure hands that hold secrets

want to own if only for an afternoon.


Like the best of your kind

I know the pleasures heavy scented

butterfly tongued with proficiency

leaving only a light hangover

by- passing recriminations.





The air sings grey constant cicada music

& for an envelope in time

I’ve left behind the known limits:

still there is no “you “, may never be

just strangers snatching snippets


where here, like everywhere

I sit and hum impatiently.


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