Grey on grey


I wake to winter’s melancholy

palette, grey on grey it’s

blowing on this febrile breeze


seeping through my bones

limiting movement

turning me to stone:


‘’& what of love?’’…..You say.


I’m the other side

of midnight sifting through

my warrior bones…


‘’& what of love?’’ You say.


I have no answer

to the play of midnight

on bare branch


can only shrug & turn away

waiting for the stars

to hold us close again


waiting for the stars

to blind us.



Red sky morning:

you call to talk of death

I have no pass


to the eternal.


We light bulb solutions

of dissolution: I dredge the past

for living slime


find none.


Mystics chime with

incandescence, but I fear

cascade of crashed synapse


misfired neuron.


We stutter with the silence;

all we ever have is now,

this crystal morning.


All we ever have is ‘’now’’

& our memories.

Where love might mark us



Gemini moon


Full moon through trees

& the darkness robes

me in its stealth.


Why does the owl

still cry? Its mate

has fled to other fields.


Full moon over trees

& you in shadow over sea

disengaged from becoming.


Wrong time, wrong place

breath hovers over lips

that have kissed


too many others.


Finished waiting……

he wants me, I want peace

who knows


what you might want

do you?


Time is running out

as I am running

towards, away


who knows?  Again I

ask, I watch, I pray :


For paradise surely



Golden sky

white gold


the land is dead

sleeping beneath


autumn’s crown;

bare trees beyond


the Norman church

look down @ dusty grave.


A swallow’s flight

the lonely owl


the badger & the hedge pig

curl in hibernating nest.


Golden sky, old gold

& you & I


stumble towards

the musty earth


to dream to sleep

to lie forever



in earth’s closed

treasure chest


of bone.





Sunrise here, you sleep

five thousand miles of sea


of life, of memory divide:


I used to think

I need….


But now I understand

I hold all in my hand


this living beating earth

this air I breathe.


Sunrise here & over there

you dream


each night we talk of

life & love……..


I used to think

I need


but now the pieces of myself

are nestled in my hand;


that little girl, that

grieving whorl


the centuries of pain,

are mine & mine alone


for now I know I’ll be

the best that I can be,


to live again

to watch the spin


of earth & sunrise

through the trees


is all I really need

for living.




It’s always midnight

when you call


across a sea of

rootless green


the stars unfold

a moment lies between


a gap in breath

pulsating gene


of who we are.


I hear your voice

but then it’s gone


a whisper in these

leafless trees


a memory of

‘’might have been’’.


It’s always midnight

when you call:


reach out for something



could this be love?


Or is it just another rhyme

that’s destined to repeat?


Our battered hearts are

held with twine


we have no reason

to believe.


It’s midnight when

you call


& for these moments

out of time


we talk of love & hope,

unravel the divine


held immobile in the

rise & fall of ocean, planet,


& the thought that love

has come to find us


one last time

before we fall.

Tea cloud



Rain cloud in my tea

sky horizon blue.


Condensation clogs

trees bathed in dawn’s soft glow


I learn to breathe

each moment’s epiphany.


Rain cloud in my tea

mixed with thick black ink


words paint  empty page

& this is all I have,


a freedom to believe.


Rose crystal on the sill

pumping beating rhyme


Rain cloud in my tea

will you breathe with me.?