New Year




New year

hung in the



so many of

them down

through time.


I listen to

love songs

that dream – catch






The old year

slips away

sinking now


in troubled sea.


We talk

across time



broken hearts

broken dream.


Love so quick

to fall, so long

to leave behind


as the New Year

hovers, we are here



captured in our

jewelled moment

of time



in this love song

of yours, of mine.

My mares


This old year
leaves me cold

& what a price
I’ve paid in life
in love.

My mares come
to me, a dream
these three:

with whom I
shared my love
my hope.

Neglected now
tattered coats
& it’s been

full twenty years
since we have
shared these


They stood
so pleased
to see

that I had
come at last
as if

they’d waited
by the gate
this long.

What a price
I’ve paid for

for when I
woke my
heart did break

to see t’was
but a dream
my mares

all three
still waiting.

Denim sky



Sky a sultry

denim blue

palms push,



a rainbow



I’m lying here

I think of



trawling through

my life for

insight to


a dream

a clue.


Sunday dawn’s

in heaven

church bells


clatter for

the mass.


Wine to blood

bread to body

who was it


thought up that?

A feast of



& the French

fall on the beach

like flies


yet here

I sit & over

there you lie


yes, trawling

through my life

but who am I?


I steady,

ready for new







Sand in my

teeth: memory



what have

we become?

Stuck in


shifting reef

of time.

Vision fades


it always does

leaving a blush,

a smile




of events.



is here, now:



skin on skin,

a pillow where

you lay your head.


Scent of love

like frangipani



subtle, fragile,


sub text:








You call from

nowhere: disturb

my peace.


We play the

same blockade

your voice resounds


mine does the same.


You dance your

dance of love

if that’s its


name: we’ve




What is this

love that can’t

be lived?


Two players

crippled on the

stage of time.


You call

from nowhere

plead my name


but no one wins

this losing game:

this parry.






Rain all night

tropic storm



I dream of you

dark skin black eyes

body long & lithe.


Yes, I dreamt

again of you

last night.


At dawn flowers

washed by colours



I dance beneath

your beautiful

of what we could do.


I’m waking

from a sleep

so deep


years’ flow

back like toffee

sticky slow


Here skin breathes;

heart like flowers

in my garden


heart unfurls

like chameleon

I’m lost today


in paradise

my heart sings

far too bright.


Sunday beach


Sunday beach

& BBQ’s tumble

from the street


the mountains

pour green velvet

in a world of


sunburnt sea

blue to blue

darker where


sea grass

floats like

turtle hair.


I battle with

my body: ask it

to behave


when all it


is sleep


like sickness.


Here first world

tourists pile fat

on grease


munching their

way through



I marinate

today’s catch

while frigate bird




We are


with complexity


in this simple

world, we touch,

we change:


& never for

the better.



Frigate bird flight

motionless over

Diamond Mountain


Aqua shush shush

sand & crabs scuttle

@ sunset.


The French discuss

menus: the pros

& cons of soufflé:


light reflects

from ocean

on faces too tanned.


We are coming

we are going

body snaps its stress


I melt like sugar.


Cane tall @

roadside, the road

I’ve travelled too far


to get here.


You are with me

you jumped inside

my skin, refused


to move out.


I tried to shake

you free; we circle

at a distance.


I’m your hero

& you for me?

I wonder


if this will be.


Frigate flight

swoops over aqua

boats sloop


scent of saffron

spices air; as

the mountain



What of love?



You talk of love…..again

I love, a summer’s day,

a small child’s smile, my dog,

the walks I take.


You ask for trust…..

what can I say?

I trust the sun to shine

the rain to fall, I trust


each day to give me

one more chance to write

these words upon this



You talk of love; I panic:

think of chains: for love

is not an easy game to play

it breaks our hearts


it makes us grey.



You might as well desire

the stars, as tie me to this

world & yet……

I promise


we will find a day

to laugh, to love:

but packaged in a different

way, to others.