My mares


This old year
leaves me cold

& what a price
I’ve paid in life
in love.

My mares come
to me, a dream
these three:

with whom I
shared my love
my hope.

Neglected now
tattered coats
& it’s been

full twenty years
since we have
shared these


They stood
so pleased
to see

that I had
come at last
as if

they’d waited
by the gate
this long.

What a price
I’ve paid for

for when I
woke my
heart did break

to see t’was
but a dream
my mares

all three
still waiting.

One thought on “My mares

  1. Ruaraidh Mcintyre says:

    Lovely poem! Keep sending them!

    We had a lot of snow fall yesterday – the first of the winter! Just in from using the snowblower on the driveway.

    I’m glad to say that I will be going south to Palm Island in the Grenadines for three weeks on 22 January – lovely to get away from this weather Ruaraidh McIntyre

    Sent from my iPad


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