2014-03-12 15.50.52


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I used to want it all

but now I gather free fall

white petals floating on an ether breeze.


The fire & the rose have burnt a huge hole

I’ve done so much of nothing

since we’ve been.


Other’s talk of love

how little they know,

of waft of weft our inner harmony:


& when I think of you

my heart still skip soars

a living breathing grace


an entity,


where the trees sing for us

of early sun & Spring solace

Spring solace still to come


that lasts a Summer lifetime:

forever you & me

our  lemon dreams.


Cloud moment

2016-01-09 15.30.29



A hundred thousand

moments pass me by


& still light glistens

on the leaves


the world replays

this seamless dream


this life.


We had our chance

it seemed too much


to bear


your violent love

your heavy step


yes, something in me

met you there


& left you broken

on our private shore.


A hundred years

it passes like a day


& still the light

lies golden o’er


the stream


you & I are dreaming

in our sleep


forever in this moment’s

fragile thought.




Fool’s gold

2015-09-02 18.27.32



Your voice it

sounds the same,

through time it


bounces memory.


We laugh as if

I’d never left:

I always leave


as if our love

is not bereft

of living.


I know that

you’re still mine,

a twist of soul



from the cold

buried deep


in summer dream:

the key you

threw away


not knowing

it was gold.


So tell me who’s

the fool? Who thought

time would heal?


Or find you

someone new

to play our tune?


Your voice

it sounds

the same


& it’s better

to believe that

tomorrow I’ll awake


to gold again.











2015-08-08 14.16.10


Returning to the

same place, hands

across ocean, eyes


wide open now.


Cold crisps me

skin burns

bones ache


who would have

thought there was

so much ‘’cold’’


in this.


Sky high &

wide sunrise

above cloud


we hurtle through

infinity never

seeing it.


You are mindless

I am alone

in this:


searching always

searching to find

a gap.


Returning to the

same place as if

this is


‘’new beginning’’


but the old clings

at the entrance: I forgot

to remember


how to live.


Somehow I am

un – manned

by this.


Time again




Time licks

skin of tomorrow;

lingers on the lips:


here destiny’s

afraid to take

the fall.


Memories surface

wind across water

rippling my surface


bending sleep

to somnambulance


we are coming

we are going.



Midday sun

scorches, empties;

thoughts rectify


the guilt



Time’s left me

stranded; honed

to shred of former




Water to water

this island sweats



fruit tumble from

heavy tree & the fish

leap like silver circlets


of life.


Time is all

I’ve lost, yet still

in dreams


I’m seventeen,

waiting to begin








Rain in paradise

you talk of miracles:


eyes shine

skin gleams


you sweat the

Virgin Mary


water to wine

bread to body


high on prayer

the mass lingers.


Rain on mahogany

you spin your tale


you journey with

a flawed myth


blood to wine

stigmata always


blood drips from

catholic shrine


across the ages

you talk of miracles


it rains in paradise

I suspend belief


this one time.