Frost bride

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White tipped trees

cold coats the land


a wedding band

of waiting.


Beneath the earth

she sleeps


lost child, red

pomegranate seeds


her mother wails

& deals with Pluto’s


dark demands.


White tipped leaves

a life half stolen


when summer’s put

to sleep


the underworld’s

unwilling Queen


we’re calling now

for spring warmth


will you re-join us?

Each year

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Magnolia blooms

its skirts unfurl


on city streets


the vivid hue

unzips tight skeins


of time


& there I am in

spring serene


I run with you.


It’s days like this

that make death




& from a window

lost in time


I watch you bend

to turn the earth


to snip the rose

all white & gold


that will be mine.

White moon

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2014-10-31 17.09.01


White moon

I’m paper thin


torn by your



Frosted morning

trees bend


crack beneath weight

of iced water.


White moon

I’m paper thin


struggling to



my freedom.


All those things

you were to me


will melt to nothing

by mid-morning.


White moon

I’m paper thin


touch me &

I’ll disappear


like love did.



My stubborn heart

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country fog


Far from sleep

my owl’s lonely

cry disperses


brume across the

sleeping fields:

lost chimney pots


I think of you:

my stubborn heart

unfolds its petals




A world unrolls

from fingertip, &

I’m Scheherazade


spawning tales

for fools, while

you a songsmith


crafts each note:

a spell that I can’t

match unless we


match, this last time.

My Valentine

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I light a candle

pink for



these years

of faces, places,

hands & kisses


tears that left us


in our sleep;


here you are

as if the in-betweens

are nothing


but a dream.


That night

is etched across

the panel


of my life,


your eyes so dark

your fire became

a living screen


for all to see.


But you were

never meant for me

nor I for you


I knew it then

I know it still

but yet:


a silver thread

of chance

has caught us


in its complicated



I light a candle

here for you

for Valentine


I miss you still.

For Kinna

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2016-01-14 10.15.06-1



Cherry tree

frost tipped

wedding crisp


Iris, snowdrop

wait a new birth

field unfolds


where kestrel dives

hare reigns, nature’s



House groans

shifts February

sleet, snow dent


sun kiss spider’s

tangled nest: butterfly

wakes upon my shelf


flutters to coloured

chest, a living heart

for new moon’s








Mirror blues

Picasso Girl in a mirror

(Picasso 1932 Girl before mirror )

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This mirror’s looking

back at me


it shows me lines

a fine debris


& all that I’ve become

dissolving in the dawn


is waiting, waiting,

waiting for renewal.


The garden knows my

name, I smell its scent


I breathe the warmth

of living earth & know


that deep beneath the

crusted crest of winter


lies a world that’s waiting

waiting waiting, to renew us.