I’m hanging onto time

as it drip slips from my grip


what used to take me years

is lost in speeding day


the baby’s cry, the teenage sigh

that wedding vow


all gone now.


I’m holding out for warmth

in this bitter English spring


still searching for a place

to call my own:


I’ve given up on love

though I’ve been there


once or twice, but it’s

too wine to water late


too heavy a price.


I’m remembering those days

as they morph & fade to grey


always waiting for a sign

that destiny is on my side


I’m holding onto time

as it flies away


I’m running for my life

just one more day.


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Keeper of dreams


Joao Angel for me



I’m the keeper

of your dreams


down through the

chapters of the years


turn the pages

back to see


how beautiful

we used to be.


Age acquires

our living lines


body’s burnt &

bones they hurt


the way our hearts

they ached that day


when you came

knocking on my door.


Beauty carries its

own curse, it blinds us


to this shadow world


I’m the keeper

of your heart


can you hear me

can you hear me?


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( Painting by Joao de Haro )

Twin stars

Twin stars



Twin stars, binary

or supernova


we formed a bridge

so long ago


history has crumbled

from our beauty:


touched so many lives

made other’s stars


shine bright.


Twin stars’ lover

to lover


I stroked your cheek

of fire


ran from Luna burn


forgot you in that

black interstellar


vastness of absence.


Now I’ve stumbled

on your light


it makes me smile

to see how far


your flare

has traveled.


‘’To infinity & beyond’’

the cosmic hero cries


so here I stand

160,000 light years


from my heart

& wait


for singularity.


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Persephone’s dream

green me



Dark deep down

beneath the ground


of becoming:


earth’s heavy loam

buries lifetimes of trying


to be that thing.


Dark dark disappearing

skin to soft dust


of destiny:


beneath the seed bed’s

mouth that utters life


beneath genetic love

of you & I.


Down dragged by

rippling chains of


a God

that will not bargain:


sleeping cold bruled

in seismic fire


until base body’s

molten gold, ruby sapphire


the emerald glinting

on the wire


where you & I



where new myths

are told


new myths reborn.


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There is no room

for doubt


in your lizard’s skin


around & round &

around you spin


a spider’s web of hope

that year by year


grows heavy dust

of shredded tear.


There is no room

for doubt, with lock.


& key your bars you keep


a tarnished ray of

teenage dream.


You hold your world

so tight: its calloused


up your mind, you ratify

a break out clause,


that sleeps.


There is no room

for doubt, each year


& day you rip away

the martyr’s cry,


your baby’s sigh

that wedding day,


you multiplied by three:

now shadow’s fade


on spider’s nest

of rotted prey, (that’s me!)


There is no room for doubt

but destiny is shouting


in your ear:

& now it’s time to listen.



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Ides of March


Beware the Ides of March

halo rims the sun’s shadow;

on field edge


owl hunts.


Nothing comes of nothing

nothing ever does:

power hover’s in the hands


of nondescript.


Old friends betray

Julius rises from his

dusty grave


to warn us.


Fools trump the land

that never was free;

yet star spangled flag


promises succour,

offers blood.


Beware the Ides of March

the peril you can’t see

when all our dreams


become a destiny of dust.


Cataclysmic days

promise unrest

sun scorched by thin veneer


of eggs over easy.


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brume (1)




I woke to brume

birdsong, Bob Marley


I dance in the kitchen

remember reggae nights.


You want fire? Fire in

a belly full of life?


I’ve skirted round

the issue, run for


no man’s land of



I wake to brume

spring is on hold


buried a kilometre

down in ground fire:


my walls are lined with

maps that lead


to bright empty beaches

where only dolphins leap,


I wake to brume

& reach for you.


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Too much cold

white, alight,

cryogenic crystals


lash my soul.


You send me songs

too late, too far

from who I have




My lips burn:

those lips that only

say goodbye


& you wonder why

you wonder why.


I shed my skin

in layers each night

hallucinogenic dream


I’m living in.


Outside the field

is white with frost

cold impersonal;


have I become

the butterfly

that clings


to what it knows?


My shattered heart

pupates to stone

like iron ground


until its flaw flows

spring water.



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Time, like the wind

blows me


down the road

I did not take


alone in this moment

I wait for peace.


Time like the sea

rolls out its vagaries


we drift & turn

to shifting horizon


you, a jailer

clang your keys


promising certain death

of one sort or another.


Time like the wind

splits me: shows


a thousand glittering

scenes when we


were glad to be lovers.


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Monday poem

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I dreamt of you

last night


a gentle dream

where we were lying


in a field of flowers:


kaleidoscope of nature

that you’d seamed,


a reclaimed rosary

of faith,


from broken bottles

shattered heartbeats


life’s landfill.


You had a question

on your lips


a question mark

of hope


of things that we

might be


places to be seen

hours of unchained




You had a question

& it seems,


it’s maybe time

to ask it.