Nowhere girl image


Cold cold sea

ocean deep: five

fathoms down


fibre optic pings

shush shush sound

of voices.


You make me smile

after winter’s deep

encroaching darkness


piece by piece almost

destroyed me.


You make me smile

more than other’s do

a tilted cheek


jock like banter:


distance is good

interest, I don’t



as if ,

sea protects me

as if


I’m bound sound

in moving

breathing cradle.


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The Blackthorn’s white

against the lane


& lightning strikes

the schoolhouse oak:


a dead crow’s feathers

blight my field


harbingers of death

as Princes leave


while full moon glowers

through empty tree.


‘’April is the

cruellest month’’


where hope dissolves

on sleet torn glass


& you & I

are cast aside


as wild winds whip

our story.


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Deep in the night

quark like


memory trembles,


down the road

I did not take


I was locked

in that rose garden.


You, shining, amplified,

a giant behind my man


your mind a flare of



You spun century

& tribe, gave voice


to hopeful monsters.


There you sit, stuck:

& here I stand


time reverses every

known law;


but love remains

through scars


we bore,


our tussle

of difference


mind to mind.


High on Majorcan

hillside, scramble


over crumbling wall,

you strode your truth


not mine.


Now only love remains,

a silver thread of light


to guide us through

our next story.


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The dead don’t change

they follow us in dreams


demanding the same



You, so long gone

you seem to me,


a dream:


& yet I conjure crystal clear

an image of your young self,


I used to miss you

but now I find you




It’s taken long years

to buffer your blows


never anything solid

that stuck.


You were born on a breeze

lived high in azure sky


disappeared into a

morning mist


leaving us

with nothing.


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It’s the light, the light

the morning light


on dew torn field,


it glimmers in the dust

makes waves across the path


like omnipresence of

an unknown God.


This time of year

when earth’s threadbare


I gather all my diamonds

wash them in this morning light;


still grateful for the play

of rainbow on my wall,


the singing in my heart


connects me to

the annals of the past


the day we met:


sunlight in a park

you all pink & bright


on a light filled luminescent

day like this.


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