It’s 4.m.

the sky’s a silver

shade of grey


swallow’s clatter

in the eaves, my mind

is somewhere far


from sleep:

I think of you.


It isn’t true

that I don’t care,

it’s just that ‘’life’’


took over

way back there

we lost our link


I broke away.


It’s 4a.m.

the sky’s so light

how could I sleep


my head it aches

I fear the future

like an empty drum


it bangs it’s



It isn’t true

that I don’t care,

I look at you


all radiant with

your golden hair

your Angel closely



I’m wishing

all the wonder


life can find

wrapped up

in diamond


wedding twine

I’m sending

all my love


to you.


Phantom June


Sun at zenith

June’s dance



Moon through

midnight sky

throbs silver:


& bittersweet

whisper of life



She runs through

bindweed to

copse’s edge


a circle of trees

tremble above

her head


& the fox cubs

call a baby’s cry

‘’Mine all mine’’.


Downy heads

& sleepless



small hands

curl on velvet



now in


laid to rest


rimmed in


roses left


she watches.


Sun at zenith




full moon


‘’Not I, not I’’  


& is it true

she passed

the test


of time?


”All mine,

all mine…..”


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The space between

thought of coffee


& the cream


an open door

to air, to light,


a whispering tree.


The space between

a look, & culmination




the day I turned

& caught your eye:


like turquoise sea

you were for me


a jewel of intensity

a kismet.


Here I stand

& question why….


I fill the spaces

in this life,


with words:


I search the gaps

in time to find


the space between

to anchor in


I know it’s mine.



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2016-06-01 09.36.13


I fell into

rose mist


lay back from

weight of days


& all my sorrows

dropped away.


In dream we

become again


gentler now

less intense


‘’Beloved’’ takes

my breath


from me,  as I


fall into

a rose mist


it holds me like

a loving hand


& the Gods