Mute route

Deaf from night’s

hollow whispers


silk shawl cast aside,

bare flesh musking


muslin pillow,

as we let it slide.


like young girl’s curls

masking asking faces.


You rest in oblivion

stroking candied women


delicate filigree phantoms

breathless in their brilliance.


While I try to tame the tiger

hush the rush of sweetness


turn aside from logical explanations

see you as you want me to:


a summer sorbet

fresh with sun kissed satisfaction


that crisp wisp of magnificence

tipped to fly away:


& I curb my riptide words

cries that wake me from my sleep


why’s & how’s dulled

by ice cold wine:


follow your un mapped route

to a mute & foreign destination


where nothing more is given away

but time.


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