The Wedding



Thunder hangs heavy

wedding bells bang their


clanging peal


The guests on scattered lawn

array in prefect shade.


Bride & groom align

to whisper words that’ve


always been


‘’I do, I do, & once again I do’’.


Through sparkling glass

the music turns its first eclipse


the veil of morning splits:


& I’m returned to memory’s

chain, I’m standing here alone


again, with you.



They party through the night

& break the dawn


I toss & turn a life where

nothing yet was broken


the circle still inscribed

the children at our side


& no one ever loved me

as you do.


A wedding under thunder

& a lightning sky


when both of us were tender

those simple words they caught us:


‘’I do, I do, I bind us; until we die

let nothing break asunder’’


& by God we tried

that other wedding morning.


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