August moon

Full moon


White moon

skims the leaves


lonely in a migrant



August chimes to

harvest sigh


& I have lost you

in my dreams.


You left me here

without a sound


slipping into

silent sleep


the sleep I never

can undo.


How many moons

have waxed & waned?


How many Autumns

shed their leaves?


A faded photo

random genes


& memory

is all that’s left


of you.


A matchstick on

a moving shore


a random grasp at

‘’might have been’’


I’m rwinding spools

of  empty dream


to find the beach

that we once knew.




Morning sky brushed

with jet line


unknown destination.


Minutes fly, years tick tock.

Really twenty summers long


since you were here?


Garden bloom has morphed

to August dust,: but look


the peony raises drowsy cheek

to tell me, ’Stay a little longer’’.


One more day;


Combine in the corn,

that tiny bird enclosed


snug in my palm;

minutiae captured


in a breath,


where time’s fetters fall away

& lifetime’s memory merge


in rose’s scent: your smile,

the last look in your eye


become for me:  eternal.

Spanish sky

Spanish sky

peacock blue


&  heat rises

from cobbled dust


in waves.


Wave upon wave

of tourists’ queue


for Velasquez

Rubens, Bosch,


a hanging Christ

Botticelli’s mythic




Silent night:

you breathe in


breathe out;

years of stress


drain from pillow.


We are congruent

two waves upon


this shore, this time,

undulating synchronicity.


Hands over river

slurry water


barge glides as always

throttle drive, tide line:


Thames grey & choppy

Tate floats upswept


a giant hairdo to the sky.


Humanity clings to

high rise, steel rocks silver.


We are pawned in

futuristic dominion


turn aside to sweep

sleep from summer eye


catch your smile  & all shifts;

another place, a distant time:


star rise.