Morning sputters

into new day


Heaven can wait:

I’m tied in tangled


skeins of dream

scrambling semaphore


of feeling.


You’re so sure

of love’s need


straight down the line:

so who am I to argue?


Shooting stars, a

galaxy of hope


un-curdled by life’s



Is it time to listen

to your song?


See myself through

new eyes


wide open.

September rain


Heavy Downpour --- Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis



Rain runs through

gutters of my heart


dark floods

late September light


& here we are,

the crossroads of



still hanging on.


What is it that

allows the past


to breakfast on

our children?


To tear new worlds



You, gloomy in

this thunder sky


carry your own child

trussed up inside


mute & wild

still so blind


to your own knife

that butchers.


Rain runs through

gutters of my heart


we are too old

for time to touch us:


& yet as darkness

floods the light


you return again

just like before:


to haunt me.


September song


Sun beams low

across the stubble


cut corn, burnt out

seed scatters footpath


I dream of strangers.


You called me up

from God knows where


asked to stay & play

those games again:


but like the sun

& autumn breeze


I’ve somewhere else

I need to go.


I’ve kept your words

close on my page


precise love, wild love

laid on my pillow


but this is autumn

of rebirth


a chrysalis of all

I’ve learnt


as Saturn swings

his heavy hand


& age sleeps

on my window:


I’ve packaged up

my choices made


& like the earth

I wait for snow!