God Bless America


{Listen here ]


I tried America,

it was great while it lasted

all those hot thick sauces and iced tea;

there was that frank open honesty

the kind that loves to lie.

Lie in the sun

soaking up possibilities

lie in the afternoon through perfect

white, white teeth

lie between sweated sheets

tangled with love’s growth

and finally lie bare faced without flinching.

I love America

they do everything bigger and better

salads that leave you searching for an ending

love that rose pocket’s sidewalks

and a suckling pig’s belief that if mom and dad did it

so can the rest of humanity.

I rolled my tongue across America,

tight L.A. thighs that twitched with talent

Vietnam warriors high on jack lines

clutching the barometer

the types that leave tidemarks on the bath

and wear group underwear.

I love America

born yesterday with a virgin’s desire

to know pleasure

slicked surfaces clutched in the dark

then swallowed without a trace

maimed headless on three continents

who died for corporate mercy;

but America’s so chewing gum holy

it’s only God’s spit she flies on striped incongruency,


and God blesses America.

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