Maybe tomorrow

there’ll be


more ‘’life’’ in me.


Like the moth

who aches all winter


craving heat,

battering my window


for release:


although the ice

has formed


thin crystals on

my heart,


maybe the sea

will wash away


all weariness,

the swish of tide


beneath my feet

will turn to spring flood


a new year

a new form.






2015-08-08 14.16.10

Earth curve

new morning


arc of flight’s

white fleshed





like desire.


You talk of love

I listen:


love falls short

of destination


a journey to

a country


which has

no name;


net of’ ’being’’




arc of flight




You are love

You are love:

the earth’s coil


swallow’s flight,

a shooting star


on moonlit night.


You are love:

your heart


a pumping core

a molten message


from the Gods:

a butterfly


the colour of

a baby’s cry


a well so deep

you cannot see.


You are love:

open wide


your inner eye &

let the blind man





Frost draws

tree leaf


empty sky

glows bright





Venus fades

from view


robin mutters

squirrels fly


why can’t I

why can’t I?


I follow

in my dream


leap from chasm

to living stream


I’m spirit

seeking spirit


let me in

just let me in.


Snow crystals

cling:  each one



as fragile as


this breath


I’m breathing

out,  you’re


breathing in.



We wake to



in this winter



trees lie broken

by the storm


snow in melted



here Angels

forget to sing.


My dreams are

filled with plot lines


heroes’ songs,

a life perfected


in my head

to fall onto


an empty page

succour this barren




We wake to

twilight, trapped


in winter’s thrall

land is crisp


with hoar frost

& the neighbours


stove roars

like dragons.


Yet Iris peek

upon my table top


& promise


Friday 13th



Full moon roars

her winter storm


white powder

cleaves to eave


liquid crystallised

as stone


& the land moans

primeval fear.


Friday 13th

a witch’s brew


ice & grit

life’s bones:


fox drops trace

on frozen path


sky’s glaring eye

a portent of rebirth


I pack a suitcase

for new dawn


& wait spring’s thaw.


We are the remaining

these walls bear witness


free fall of time

hangs on my shoulder


but I am laughing

at it now.


I won’t forget to remember

the lightning & the tears


all the love you brought me

this room this place.


Parrots fly across

shifting sky, the children


grown now, how could it be

we got so old although


my body still lies.


There’s freedom

in the morning


sunshine in the breeze.


What is it time

has taught me?


Life is hard &

love ain’t easy


I am the remaining

these walls bear witness


to my years.