What binds us,

is not


blood & bone & tears


it’s not, a golden ring

or common history


it isn’t pitter pat

of children’s feet:


what binds us is

stardust lost between


the mystery of sleep

the bright awakening.


A hand upon a cheek


a whispered prayer

your ankle touching me.


It can’t be stored

for future gain


or dusted down

& packed away.


What binds us is this



lost between


the echo of the owl

night rain on shutters


a drowsy glance

your face in sleep:


& lest I settle for another,

a love less deep


what binds us here

as lovers


we cannot grasp

& keep


it is settled in the

chambers of my heart


it beats its own

sweet beat


that Universe







We cannot touch

what we have left behind:


tears and years have fled

in drama. No regrets


‘’No regrets’’


She dips her head &



A lie!


We cannot smell the scent

of yesterday, those summer’s


stretch behind like lace:

a dragonfly, a hummingbird


a beach of coral, so many

’You’’ & ‘’I’’ 


I try to listen to those years

a snatch of song, a young man’s


stride; a key in yielding lock

a whisper in the night.


We cannot see, what’s left behind

a solstice moon, a furtive fox


my dreams, where love comes back

to haunt me.  A photo in a frame,


those struggles to the death have

vanished now in peace.


Here time marks us with its stamp

so dearly won.


I cannot taste you now

a sherbet in the shade


a hint of salt

on waning wave


I cannot reach you now

but with these words