Cold wakes us

sun glazed ice


sea silver wake

I see,


the hollow

of your smile


hands refined.


Fat has fled

the land


leaving us

stripped to


the bone.


We are in

limbo watching:


what was so

desired is


locked away

faded like


the storm

last night.


Broken to

morning light


to silence.

Word babel


Silver snail trail, sun,

sea grey, grey,


catching thunder

clouds bank high


darker brooding.


Behind dry eyes

voices: children play.


Eve of three Kings

travelling wide


born babe.


Swallowing time

rolls, tide to tide


another tear rifts

simple things.


Star bauble sparkle

snail trail silver slime


we run towards

earth spin;


& all our

axis tumble.




Till then



Christmas blows in,

I think of you


sprawled in the boot

of Italy.


Here the fog

hides the light


& at the harbour edge

the sea folds on forever


it’s  weaving at your feet

can you feel us?


You remember every detail:

the colour of my eyes,


the flower in my heart

you plucked that icy evening.


I remember the tearing,

the excess of you.


Love affairs do fade

& man-made Christmas


clones on through

the dark;


but still we lean

& bend


like trees rooted

to the end


in this bed

we seeded.


Time moves,

a river’s flow

whose lips




Eddies sand

from day to day

soft bone




Time is





frozen water,

solo boat,


a teacup sea.


Who I have


was never




a sculpture

chipped away




a complete