Call me


This chill spring

takes no hostage


blossom hovers

on the brink


& every breath

is hard, rattles




I’m closed

in from cold.


You called

again, as you


sometimes do,


& life peeled

back forty years


evoked us

shining new.


You found me

laughing, in that


turbo crowd:

our love a dream.


I remember

every charm


we stitched,

on our bracelet


of desire,


yet now we talk

of children,


grown & moved



Your new love

cleaves to you,


like designer



& I fly free

as I always


promised to;


waiting for

sun’s molten


heart to

heal me.



Paul Seymour

There’s an ‘absence’

in the air


As if a puff

of sky has


skipped a beat,

swallowed a rainbow.


If memory is all

that’s left then


‘moment’ matters.


Sunlight on your hair

your human grace


that filled our hearts;


there’s ‘absence’

in the world today:


this spinning globe

of blue has broken




I used to wonder



That mystery’s

now clear


we hold the key

as infinity


draws near


yet I didn’t hear

you going.


We are

crumpled versions


of our


silk & satin



a blip in DNA

has washed


our youth away:

skin once taut


has melted

with the heat.


We are

crumpled versions


of our


silk & satin



peering out

at someone


we once



We are



in these



cliffs & folds:



we can do


will rearrange

the change;


& those of us

who rushed




are waving

wrinkle free


as life

defines us.

Solar flare


Sun spots

jet trails


early morning

fly by


clouds wander

left to right


&  the east wind

blows itself free


leaving us to try

another budding.


You gaze out

contained in




I’ll be with



by ‘n by:



rain drop


turn you’ll catch

my sigh


eternity to

tell you


how I love



Letter to beyond

(listen here)


There you are!


Appearing as if

twenty years


is just a day.


We talk of life,

not death:


the long sleep

that morphs us


back to sky dust.


We never mention



How you’ve missed

all the important things


drifting away like that

on wings of sleep.


This isn’t what I meant

to write, but time, distance,


have dissipated anger.


I can cry, but

can’t say your name.


Do you know why,

there is no why?


You said to try

& I have:


random circles

of ‘try’,


spiralling high wire

to high wire


finding meaning,

for others.


There you are,

young still;


I hope that I

arrive in your


next dream,


so pristine clean,

so smiley.








Storm brought

dead starfish


to the beach,


five fingered

stacks of ocean.


Tide washed

them out to sea


leaving only



You follow

me in sleep


impressions of

the life we




battered on

the rocks


of years,

our dream