Time lapse


My body’s here

but my mind


is on the road

to Aqaba,


lost in a

dust storm


where the Jordan

knife -cuts


across the Holy Land.


Jordan, Palestine,

same blood,


ground bone.


My body’s here

but my heart rests


at Mount Nebo,


time stood still

reversed the years


Moses & the Israelites,

countless prayers


have left impression

in the breeze,


sacred, emanation.


My body’s here

my spirit  stayed


in Petra, where

dead talk in




their carvings

soar,  glow gold


at sunset.


My body’s here

my soul is in


the desert;


a ceiling of stars

wind howls in Wadi


& the sand smacks

my cheek


galloping deep

into nothingness.




2 thoughts on “Time lapse

  1. Randy Lusk says:

    Beautiful poems and camera work recently. I recently saw for first time an Anne Carson “book” of poetry that was packaged as a gorgeous boxed collection of chapbooks…great idea. randy


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