Stormy Weather


Azure sky

no cloud


teacup horizon.


Lifeguard flags

tourists crisp into


pork  crackling.


In the shallows

dark shark









Time unfurls;





Later, rain:



sheets of it.


Palms tremble

& the birds


flume: ruffled.


Traffic slushes,

goose pimples


climb on

sunburnt skin


fruit tumbles,

unripe mango,


buttered orange



rose doves



monkey slinks


the line

of fence,


tail raised








Sky grumbles

palms febrile




shiver storm’s



I’ve washed up

on the cliff


of you:


body curves

dark yearnings.


You’re in love

with the love


of it;



like the wind


your eyes

seek salvation.


We ebb & flow

caught in the


cross current;


I’m unwilling

to drown,


but you

stretch out


on the wave’s



strike out

for the deep


dark depths


content to

curl up


in the furl

of unseen


siren’s locket.


February storms Barbados



Sea is rough

all spinning foam


fierce undertow


splash of silver,

frigate birds


glide like





All night

it rains


as if,


the ocean



from the sky;

palms clamour


beach lost

in spume.


High tide

waves sing



songs of




You crave



‘’You look so lovely’’


I’m never that!


Human company

ebbs & flows


I toss

my head,


washed up

on the shore


of other’s



White egrets


Last night

the egrets flew


filling my dream

with silent sound:


a wedding party

beneath a bridge,


I a bride

held by


unknown hand.


I laughed

six feet


above the



laughed to see

the guests


eyes aloft

but strictly


earth bound.



Only a hand

held me captive


married to

a stranger


lost in kingdom

of unknown:


last night

white egrets





new life;



& hope.





South Bank again

The river, undulating silk

brushed from the brow

of St Paul’s.


A half moon

hangs below Venus;

it’s cold, so cold,


the wind turreting

concrete corners.


I should get out more

stand away from myself

watch life form in pockets


the similarities there in the

pivot of the planets.


No water,

it seems we are parched;


you live above the rolling tide

we watch for thunder.


Tonight I want to

lie down on the swell

let it engulf me.


No further than this,

wait for an answer

where no answer lies ,


in the cold undulating

swell of a winter river

and call for you


Dear Daddy.


Dear Daddy,

I’m getting old now, nearly as old as you,

& I know you’re dead, any talk we do

is in my dreams or in my head…….


Last night you ran your hand along my face

asked me how I’m doing, if it’s too late

to be the father all girls expect,


to be there sometimes, not on another flight

to a far flung destination where you’re

unobtainable: and your girlfriends hover.


Dear Daddy,


It’s been so many years and boys chase me

as girls did you, I’m a walking replica

of extinct genes…….


the same smooth skin and no grey hair

those undimmed eyes, but daddy now

you seem younger than me….


when you visit sometimes dream to dream.


Dear Daddy,


It really doesn’t make any sense

how being dead you’re just the same,

a figment of memory receptors in my brain……


all darling pilot and freedom fighter,

mostly your own freedom

I haven’t found mine……


Dear Daddy,


You’re so young still………….



Sloane Street

River sends brown eddies over traffic noises and the hum of London,

the moon so white and obsolete, it hangs like a charm on the bracelet of your heart;  but you just don’t see,

the breeze through the leaves finger my hair, the music in between, this urge to lie down with you.

It happened somewhere between crossing the road and a glimpse of pink shirt,

So sad tonight, my lover’s taken leave and the moon hangs in the sky obsolete.

I want to call you other names, hidden names as though we’ve passed and re passed, memories piecing us together.

I’m not so sure; I just don’t know what to make of this.

Traffic hums and you’re reading old tunes of mine, stapled between pages of stolen hearts and broken dreams.

My last lost lover left me an email today, said there was some other woman he had to try on for size, like a new coat and I’m lying here wondering if she fits, wondering if he says the same things, as he falls into her.

The moon laughs at me; the way I always throw it all away, like an unwished gift, like a baby’s kiss, like a new morning,

but tonight, I wanted to forget about all of this; lie with you a while, see if kisses float and mermaids sing to us in dreams,


see if it’s more than a memory.






Boys smell good, have smooth bodies

to run your fingers over


& when boys love you, its early morning sunshine

with no clouds.


Boy’s wrap their arms around you

tell long boring stories of other girls


& boys can’t see the cracks in the pavement

or wonder when tomorrow will come..


Boys are dangerous, their love ensnares you

sex is always 2.a.m and continuing,


& the goodbyes raw and confusing,

boys make you cry!


I loved a boy once, he had green eyes

told me he would love me forever


& his morning kisses were sweeter than

anything I had ever known.


Boys leave you, often without warning,

they leave gaps in the fabric of your universe


tears in the structure of your environment

a monsoon in your heart.


I had a boy once.


Street corner

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Crossing from Battersea

brown bottled river;

you going North, me trudging South

our fingers stretched to elastic

our footsteps sticky as we pull apart.


Your kisses always taste

like sunshine, light a fire

to steam London drizzle

into Rome twilight.


Our words paint pictures

in the air, I see you watch

my lips move:

imagining the taste of the sentences

swallowing my song.


You’ve watched me slide

through another’s fingers

noted the curves I’ve inspired,

only another pair of brown

anonymous eyes.


Light grows a minute a day

this time of year

and our kisses on street corners

grow pink blossom in January,

while sun meanders scantily.


We remember no huge


yet forever is where,

we always reside.