I was not asking

for an easy ride,


like you I know

the road to Calvary

is paved with brine:


Now there’s sea salt

in my hair, my lungs

a spider’s web of


‘left behind’


they rattle like a vintage tram,

all slickness burnt away.


I broke the day

you turned aside;


pursued the distant summit

I can’t climb, turned just once

& winked that eye,


or was it shadow in the light?

The sun went in & darkness

filled the land,


you left us blind.


I was not hoping for

a helping hand;


though many have tried

the years fly by in

supersonic mode,


& turbulence has

taken toll


all futures set aside

for this soul road.


I will not promise

not to cry


my tears run through

a crack in memory

create a peaceful pool


where I can bathe secure,

this life, a stepping stone


to freedom.


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