Tarmac melts

rain bursts like




We are dried up

separated seeds




Land like stone

horse’s hooves




all hope drifts

lost in grey mornings.



becomes seven



tattooed in blood.


Hush descends,

school gates open


& all our sunburnt

children stream in


buttoned tight

for learning.


Late tomatoes

ripen on the stem


shelves burst

with them &


my words again



pen poised

for another dive


into darkness.

Lost & found

I walk on bones &

the path whispers,




Stuck between inside & out

there is no time of day


I walk behind your before

listen to the tinkling of the bells.


The Angel of the Moon

watches you sleep:


perfection is a word

minted for you.


Stranger’s jostle

no attention to detail:


your detail is diminished

there is no up or down


I’ve turned from love

into the deep unknown


echo of this.



Willows bend & swipe

like horse’s tails


sky bellows thunder:


turning of the year

summer swelter morphs


into cool morning.


Each night

the planets burn,


dead worlds that shine

so bright from distant past


as if


cradled in suspension.


You ask for words,

I have none:


just a bursting

of my heart


as corn winds high

fruit ripens on the limb


a whinny at the gate,

life unfurls each dawn


febrile in its mystery.