We were golden



as golden as

your copper curls


still bright, but

cutaway to frame


your serious years.


We blazed the nights

& hurtled through


the days, creating

films across a stage


you grew to own.


Some of us

have fallen


by the way;


still recognised

in bleary shots,


& some no longer

claim to fly.


You were golden

then, immortal


in your beauty:

untouched by love


by life, candescent

in your vision.


Now to see your

name embellished


high, it makes me

smile, your radiance


filters through,

I sigh:


remembering the glitter

& the tears.


We were golden then.





Once more around

& around:


leaves a tapestry

of gold


sky a grey horizon.


Ploughed fields sigh

eased from summer




There’s a softness

in the air


rain caresses

dried earth


& for a moment

autumn’s past


returns to haunt



Your birthday


Time is present:

past become


a dream,



just the way

your hand felt.


Love’s a mystery

a quest for




bound to flowers

beside the lake


we learnt each

other’s name.


I want you

in the abstract


my heart

a crucible


seared in

life’s flame.


I want you

for an hour


a day,


someone I

can lock away


for all




What became

of us,


with the passing

of hours?


Children fly

from me


birds murmur

in hedgerow


scout the bare trees

for shelter.


Autumn arrives

in puffs & billows


pillow clouds



All is not

as it seems


decisions reached

paths chosen:


mind circles back

on itself


I’m singing in

this wind